ЕвроКонсулт Груп

• Elaboration of monthly pay-rolls, calculation of patient's charts, premiums, leaves, overtime and maternity leave, withholding tax, health and social insurance contributions.
Registration and re-registration of labour contracts
Preparing labour contracts and their declaring
Preparation of additional labour contract agreements.
Preparation of job descriptions of the workers and of the employees
Issuing and filling in of work-books of the workers and of the employees.
Preparing the documents for terminating labour contracts.
Preparation of declarations for social insurance and their submitting to the National Institute for Social Insurance

EuroConsult Group

Founding members of EuroConsult Group are second-generation accountants and have always aimed to become an internationally recognized accounting agency through work, integrity, and passion for co-operation. Guided by these key values, EuroConsult Group creates a foundation that achieves their goal.

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