ЕвроКонсулт Груп

From Large corporations to one person operations, our depth of experience in providing accounting and payroll services is substantial. We take responsibility for our results and how we achieve them.
Our Services
Consulting and advice rendered on labour law and social security
Preparation of annual declarations of personal income.
Produce payroll calculations for input into the Company's accounts and the calculation of the employer's contributions on behalf of the employee as required by local law.
Creating individual personnel database files.
Calculating compensation in cases of resignation or retirement.
Calculation of severance pay.
Issue certificates of service.
Act as the point of contact with authorities and represent the Company in front of the authorities.

EuroConsult Group

Founding members of EuroConsult Group are second-generation accountants and have always aimed to become an internationally recognized accounting agency through work, integrity, and passion for co-operation. Guided by these key values, EuroConsult Group creates a foundation that achieves their goal.

EuroConsult Group, Gotse Deltchev 100, Sofia,
Sofia-city, 1404

8.00 - 18:00
+359 87 7527530